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UN and all governments of the world

Petition for Compassion Day Celebration

Since the beginning of the XXI century, we have a great tradition: a lot of esoteric groups throughout the world were holding prayers and meditations for peace and compassion at 01/01/01, 02/02/02, 03/03/03, etc. We know that hundreds of thousands of people in different countries independently of each other will do a big Spiritual Work at 12/12/12 . We want this Work to be maximum effective.

We, the people, who having the welfare of this globe as the main goal of our doing, have initiated an action, called "The Connecting Project". Through this project, we hope to get at least 1% (70,000,000) of the world population, to participate in a World-Wide-Simultaneous Meditation of Compassion, for human compassion, peace on earth, and the welfare of all human beings.
• We ask all world governments to conclude an agreement about this day, as the World Holiday, the day of the cease-fire in all the hot spots of the planet.
• We ask all the world mass-media to support the Day of Compassion.
• We call people from all nations, races, religions and cultures to join to the "Meditation of Compassion" will be simultaneously practiced' on a 12/12/12.

What we wish and suggest is to have all heads of states and countries, all world religious and spiritual leaders, and all existing bodies of "Workers of Light", cooperate in one single action, one single meditation, on one single day, the " Compassion Day", at one specific hour, managed and sponsored by the U.N., (the meditation have to begin at the 12-th of December 2012 year in 13:12 Greenwich Time).

We all know the power our mind inspired by emotion has and its ability to create our reality; so when numerous people, all around the globe are engaged in the same meditation, and all direct their minds towards one unified goal at the same moment - then we cannot but win, and accomplish our common goal!

We are deeply and sincerely grateful to all who wants the Compassion Day Festival to be!

The "Connecting" Project

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